Thursday, September 17, 2009

Online Forex Broker Profile ..

MoneyForex Financial Ltd. is one of the world leading online currency trading broker offering low pips and commission-free online forex trading. Founded by Wall Street veterans, MoneyForex's vision is to service individual and corporate investors such as money managers, banks, and financial institutions in easing the complexity in dealing with forex trading. Our dealing software which specialized in forex dealing is rated second to none for it user friendly environment. Lightning speed and efficient execution is one of its many benefits.

MoneyForex Financial Ltd. is incorporated in British Virgin Island (Registration Number 629302) under the provisions of the International Business Companies Act, 1984. MoneyForex is authorized to offer futures, securities, and foreign exchange as a forex broker and primary market maker.

MoneyForex is founded by a group of Wall Street Veterans who has more than 30 years experience in the financial market. Other than the financial industry, the group operates various businesses including real estate development, media communication, advertising, internet technology and software application and development.

In this complex forex market, a user friendly platform is a must in order to make fast and efficient trading decision and execution. Our trading platform is rated the most user friendly by professional traders. MoneyForex's clients consist of financial institutions, money managers as well as individual investors.

We take pride in our professional staff that is thoroughly trained to look after the best interests of our clients. Our professional staff is available twenty-four hours a day (Monday to Friday) to answer your inquiry. Try out our service by open a free demo forex account.



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